Saturday, November 1, 2014


The last two weeks at work have been full on. So much so that when I get home it's pretty much been dinner, shower and bed! But it's nearly two weeks since we looked at the numbers so better get on to that sweet thing!

Updated Balances:

Tax debt $2596.85
Tax debt 2 $381.90
Credit card 1 $4580.58
Credit card 2 $7909.39
Car loan $ 19060.29
Mortgage 1 $239615.69
Mortgage 2 $109775.07

Total:  $383919.77

We are $1787.67 better than last time even with our tax debts being in and recalculated. Need to get it over $2000 for November.

Savings are at $581.74 these should be more but this last two weeks without a kitchen have been very expensive!!!  This has been a major fail given that we have a BBQ and an electric frypan still able to be used. I was away for four days last week with work so I spent money I normally wouldn't have too.

We also put two new tyres on one of the cars and registered the other. I need to put money in the "irregular bills" account.

I will be getting just over $400 from work towards my childcare over the last two holidays so that is going to D's credit card and if I add a bit will take it under $4000!!!!

Overall I would say the last week or so has been just ok. We could of done ALOT better I think, we used me being away and the Reno as an excuse to do as we wanted. Hopefully recognising this will make this fortnight better.

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