Sunday, October 19, 2014

Please Debt Stop Coming

Here I was all prepared for a peppy post on  how we sold crap this weekend for extra moola (and I will get to that) but I have just discovered that D's tax debt FROM LAST YEAR hasn't been paid off yet. What the hell????

I checked the bank statement and yes a $146 payment went to the tax office. Unfortunately it was added on to my tax debt not D's. And whose fault was this? Unequivocally mine. I did the transfer, this is on me. The result is this years tax debt has gone from $236.30 to $381.90.  I'm hoping that this will be the last debt to add to the list....please oh please.

But we sold crap!! Yay!!  We sold a fridge, microwave, coffee machine and booster seat for a total of $210 which is going straight to our debt. It was really great how fast it all went and no one haggled which we were totally expecting!

I now find myself prowling the house for other crap to sell. Knowing that some extra is going on the debt makes the tax thingy more bareable.

Oh and we aren't going to snowball in the traditional way. D hates hates hates the smaller credit card debt. He hates it more than I hate my tax debt so we are chucking everything at it. Then we will move to the next hated one, while still snowballing the repayments. I read about this method on Man V Debt and this made perfect sense to us to keep our motivation up - or to maintain the debt rage as I like to think of it!

Our biggest purchase since a mortgage starts this week - kitchen renovation. To be really honest? I wish we hadn't added the cost to our mortgage. But that was a decision made before we started on our debt rage and now I have to suck it up and hope it's the best freaking kitchen ever. :)

I will post the before and after pics in the vain hope I will be told it was worth every penny!!! Lol!!!

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