Friday, October 17, 2014

Coming Out

I had a financial chat with a friend this week. Told her about my debt.

Difference between her debt and mine? About $1000.

Difference between her savings and mine? $320

I was pretty nervous to tell her  cause we are suppose appear to be money savvy, we have an investment property, two cars and just about to renovate our kitchen.  Outwardly I know we appear that money isn't a problem. To be fair it isn't, as long as we are happy to live virtually paycheque to paycheque, have no savings and reconcile the fact that we will always be in debt. So it was pretty freaking scary to let someone else know our debt.

What she told me about her finances surprised me. I know I shouldn't have been surprised that the outside doesn't always match the inside. I mean Heelllooo, that is US!! K also said that she had recently read that 35k to 40 k of personal debt was around average. Whaaaattt???  I started wondering if everyone I know (other than my parents) was living with large personal debt. Probably?!?!?

I read on a personal finance blog ( I had been reading them for inspiration, yes maybe a little obsessively but what's a spender to do?) that credit cards represent money spent on shit we no longer even remember. True.  We have had a credit card debt for nearly ten years, I have no idea what we bought and am confident if I could work it out we wouldn't have it anymore. What a waste.

Cheerful aren't I? On a happier note we are listing stuff this weekend to sell. All the money is going to the smaller cc as this one drives D cray cray. I'll let you know if we sell anything.

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