Saturday, October 11, 2014

Another day Another Dollar

Good things over the last week:

For some unknown reason the doctor bulk billed me so that saved $65 , no idea why but I did a have a lovely chat and was in there for less than 10 mins.

Found out that work gives a rebate for childcare during school holidays,

Pretty much stayed away from McDonald's drive thru coffee (went from 6 coffees to one - I'm taking that as a win)

So so things:

My biggest expense this week is the bill for two weeks childcare - $684.

Didn't put in any money into the "one off" account to pay for irregular stuff.

Took $100 out of savings.

Updated Balances:

Tax debt $2746.45 (debt formally known as student debt)
Credit card 1 $5287.41
Credit card 2 $8073.99
Car loan $ 19426.86
Mortgage 1 $240576.19
Mortgage 2 $109596.48

Total: $385707.44

That is overall $446 more than the last total but that is with an extra $900 or so previously unrealised tax debt!!! There is $380 in savings as it stands today, my intention is to put some more in tomorrow.

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