Sunday, September 28, 2014

It 's Hard Out There For a Saver

I would love to report I have saved every cent and ate vegemite sandwiches everyday. That's what I would love to do, however back in reality I have done neither, but I did some good things.

I put 10% of our wages into a savings account. This account cannot be accessed with a card. At least some thought has to go into transferring any money, so no accidents. Or me claiming an accident!

I paid $250 instead of the usual $150 off my student debt, I am hoping to put a little more on too.

I paid $50 on the second credit card even though it's not due. It's a weird set up, as any money you put on it before the monthly account is issued doesn't count toward your monthly repayment. I found this out the hard way when I paid the repayment two days before the account came out and got stung a default fee. I rang and got it sorted but haven't made that mistake again.

Now for the not so good.

I bought lunch on Friday and chocolate for some friends. We also had take out on Thursday night due to me having the worst day at work in 12 months and losing the will to care. That is on me. And I took my sister out for coffee to help her escape 5 children - that could nearly be counted as community service work. Nearly. Looks like  Spendy pants but two of those I had committed to before I had my aha moment. I'll flog myself later.

Expenses that have or will have to be dealt with this fortnight are the trailer registration and having the driveway repaved. The first is $62 for the year. The second is cheaper than it sounds as my uncle is doing it with the help of the husband and the resident 17 year old. So it is time, effort, sand and hiring a compactor - probably about $150 when it's all done. I will let you know how close my preferred cost is to reality!!

The other big cost is childcare as it's school holidays and neither I or D have any leave, it will cost about $700 for two weeks. Our daughter is 9 so other than having a day here or there with big brother it is childcare. Though that cost will be partly this fortnight and partly next.

I am doing my updating of our overall position every fortnight cause that's how we get paid. Some times will look better than others depending on when the interest is paid on the mortgages but I am looking for the downward trend.


Student debt $1553
Credit card 1 $5428.41
Credit card 2 $8073.99
Car loan $19793.43
Mortgage 1 $240504.13
Mortgage 2 $109908.48

Total. $385261.44

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